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TRIRIGA Cloud/SaaS Support Services

RE/FM systems are complex technologies that require experienced on-going support to ensure the application is performing to its high and best use. This is true from both a business and technical perspective. Like other enterprise-class technologies, a well calibrated RE/FM system support program helps to ensure user adoption, solution productivity and ROI. Astin Technology is built from the ground up to help with all of your support needs.

Astin Technology’s support services are designed to help our clients seamlessly transition from implementation phase activities to stabilized, ongoing, system operations. We maintain a team over 100 IBM TRIRIGA specialists, including over 50 IBM TRIRIGA certified resources, to deliver 24/7, high-touch support. These services encompass:

  • Application maintenance to resolve routine bugs and fixes
  • Management of scheduled upgrades and patches
  • Enhancements that improve system functional capabilities
  • Data governance capabilities to ensure data is entered consistently to defined data standards
  • Integration alignment that ensure timely and accurate data exchanges
  • Individual user support to triage and resolve specific user issue
  • System audit capabilities to ensure application compliance
  • Ongoing training

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