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IBM Maximo Software


for Tracking, Planning & Managing your Company's Assets

IBM's Maximo, the world’s leading asset management solution, provides comprehensive asset lifecycle and maintenance management supporting all asset types, from a single unified platform. IBM Maximo covers assets from strategy and planning through procurement, maintenance and disposal.

Expanding innovation and technology to improve business outcomes and impact your bottom line...

IBM Maximo facilitates asset utilization and supports performance demands and regulatory needs, enabling you to seize growth opportunities, and respond better to environmental and market pressures. Regardless of your organization’s size, IBM Maximo makes your enterprise “smarter”, interconnecting your systems, processes and infrastructure, and helping them to be more efficient, more productive and more responsive.

Maximo Modules Include:

Asset Management
Managing the Non-IT Assets with life cycle
Work Management
Handling the work order process efficiently
Service Management
Managing the raised tickets effectively
Contract Management
Handling the purchase process as well as vendor
Materials Management
Handling the purchases items along with vendor
Procurement Management
Managing the entire purchasing process


IBM provides a licensing model that meets the need of specific users – rightsizing the license so that the fee matches the required functionality.

Power user, has access to whole system
Users that only need access to 3 modules (Managers, Planners & Schedulers, etc)
Users actually performing the work - opening & closing work orders.
Service Requestor
Free – Anyone can submit a service request with Version 7.6 or later.


Maximo SaaS

Secure, Scalable, and Cost Effective

Eliminate the need for your organization to install and run Maximo on your own PC’s or in your own Data Center, removing the expenses associated with hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance while enjoying rapid time to benefit via an easy to configure, integrate, and deploy usage model.


Maximo in a Hosted Environment

Power Maximo from a remote cloud infrastructure and enjoy the benefits of global access, customization to fit your company’s needs, long term cost savings, and the ability to streamline your operations while mitigating risk in a secure environment.


Maximo Everyplace & Anywhere

Maximo mobile solutions are built from the ground up with open standards. By supporting multiple devices and various communication methods, the products enable mobile workers to work remotely and with the communication methods available in their work environment.

Increase accuracy of data by allowing users to enter information while it’s fresh in their minds.
Access Maximo without installing anything on your mobile devices.
Configure applications for optimal viewing on a small, mobile screens.

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