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IBM Maximo ICD Consulting


Assessment, Solutioning & Implementation Services

Astin Technology provides the full range of technical and business services to implement, upgrade, support, and enhance your Maximo EAM and ICD environment.

Starting with a strategic plan and successful implementation – Astin Technology provides following number of services that will help your business realize positive return on investment. These services include:

Gap Analysis & Solutioning:

  • Analysis of your work and maintenance processes, both technical and functional.
  • Gap analysis to identify functional gaps and provides a detailed gap resolution for each identified functional gap.
  • Performing architecture and business process analysis by reviewing any available as-is and to-be process documentation.
  • Analysis for required hardware and software components.
  • Performing Maximo/ICD License Assessments to ensure that you continue to remain compliant with your IBM Maximo/ICD license requirements.
  • Assess requirements and create a solution design.
  • Enforcing project management best practice standards by firmly controlling scope and deliverables.
  • Technical Upgrade Process there are three possible approaches to a Maximo/ICD upgrade project
  • Using IBM Maximo/ICD upgrade utilities to run the upgrade.
  • Installing the new version of Maximo/ICD and manually migrating components from the older system.
  • Conducting a re-implementation of Maximo/ICD in cases where the gaps between the existing system and the desired to-be system are sizeable enough to treat the project as a new implementation of Maximo/ICD.
  • Identifying and analysing the data to be migrated.
  • Performing user acceptance testing.
  • Providing post implementation support.

WebSphere (WAS) Configuration:

  • WAS Installation
  • Dmgr/Nodes Creation
  • Profile and Nodes Creation
  • JMS Configuration
  • Server Creation and Clustering
  • JDBC Connections
  • Virtual Host Creation
  • Buses Creation
  • Other SCCD Related WAS Configuration
  • Generic JVM Argument Cetting
  • Thread Pools properties Setting

WAS clustering:

  • MEA Cluster
  • CRON Cluster
  • UI Cluster
  • Report Cluster

Technical Implementation Services:

  • Infrastructure Architecture Design
  • Maximo/ICD Product Installation
  • Organization Creation
  • Sets
  • GL Accounts
  • Charts of Accounts
  • Currency codes
  • Sites Creation
  • E-mail listener configuration
  • Start Centre Configuration
  • Calendars/Shift
  • Classifications
  • SMTP Server Configuration
  • Process Workflow development
  • Apply Technical Best Practices
  • WAS Installation
  • Dmgr/Nodes Creation
  • Profile and Nodes Creation
  • JMS Configuration
  • Server Creation and Server Clustering
  • JDBC Connections
  • Virtual Host Creation
  • Buses Creation
  • Other SCCD Related WAS configuration
  • Generic JVM Argument setting
  • Thread Pools properties setting
  • Upgrades & Migrations
  • Integration with ERPs (SAP, Oracle etc..)
  • Performance Tuning
  • Report Development(Cognos, BIRT )
  • Application and Form Administration
  • Adding Domains, Change/modify the data/filed attributes and parameters
  • Configuring escalations. Cron Task modification
  • Field Level Mbo ,Bean Customizations & Enhancements
  • Inbound, outbound processing class and user exit class modification
  • Interface Development
  • Email configurations for work flows/escalations
  • Changing the Application level/System Level XMLs
  • User Administration, User management(adding and deleting users from Security ,Person Groups)
  • Application Usage and access Modifications control.(Group level security, conditional expression Manager)
  • Work flow management and Administration
  • Configuring and Administering MIF
  • Data integrity check., Handling the exceptions
  • Report administration
  • Backend error, Index violation errors, Open cursor Errors
  • Back up restorations. Data upload
  • LAD setup for TDS and AD
  • VMM Sync Configuration
  • User Sync Through TDI Integration

Reports Development:

Every Maximo customer requires their own customized reports. Reporting is a critical component of your business enterprise. Whether you are using a month-end analysis report, a cost detail report, or an ad hoc report.

Our Customised Reports will help you for full reporting cycle

  • Configuration
  • Design
  • Development
  • Administration
  • Execution
  • Training


Integration capabilities provided by the Maximo/SCCD MEA platform fall into 2 categories:

  • Solutions that support integration with specific products
  • Tools that support enabling integration with any external product

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