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IBM Maximo Licensing

Maximo Software Licenses

IBM Maximo Asset Management software is managed by a ‘Closed Distribution Model’. This means that Maximo software licenses can only be sold by a select number of Authorised IBM Business Partners who are certified in the product and who have demonstrated their delivery capability to IBM in that country.

IBM's Maximo, the world’s leading asset management solution, provides comprehensive asset lifecycle and maintenance management supporting all asset types, from a single unified platform. IBM Maximo covers assets from strategy and planning through procurement, maintenance and disposal.

Astin Technology is authorised to sell Maximo and can provide you with a quotation should you wish to purchase software licenses. We can also provide you with an alternative low cost monthly subscription fee should you wish to use our MaxiCloud solution.

Astin Technology is authorised to provide software licenses for:

  • IBM Maximo Asset Management
  • IBM Maximo Industry Solutions
  • IBM Maximo Add-Ons
  • IBM Maximo Anywhere
  • BPD Logistics for Maximo
  • BPD Capital & Requirements Planning for Maximo
  • TBS Enterprise Mobility TaskMaster
  • DataSplice mobile solutions
  • Solufy AKWIRE vScheduler

Not only does Astin Technology have deep technical knowledge of the IBM products – we also understand IBM’s Maximo software license model and associated terms and conditions in great detail, and endeavour to get the best deal for our Clients.

IBM Maximo Software License Renewals

Astin Technology can assist you with your Annual IBM Maximo Software Renewal. Often, customers are unsure what licenses they have and when the license renewal is due. We remove the pain for you by working on your behalf to synchronise your licenses to a single annuity date.

Maximo Software License Compliance

Like any other organisation that sells software, IBM audits its customers from time to time. It is our experience that the vast majority of customers work hard to ensure that they are compliant. However, this can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming exercise.

Astin Technology can conduct a mock license audit on your Maximo system to ensure you have the correct number and type of Maximo licenses for your business needs. (Are all your user accounts still being used? Have more than one person been using a login at the same time? Are you compliant with IBM Licensing Practices?) A mock license audit will enable you to have an effective plan to resolve any issues.

Benefits for using our licensing expertise:

  • Cost savings with fewer new licenses required
  • Protect the value of your Software Assets with right license types
  • Avoid all financial risks in license audits
  • Service charge based on delivery according to agreement, fixed price or T&M
  • Discount potential on IBM license maintenance renewal if connected to this service
  • Maximo License Compliance Service can be included in Application Maintenance Support (AMS) services

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