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Mobile Based Water
Meter Reading

Promoting digitization, we have developed Mobile Based Water Meter Reading (MBWMR) software that makes the billing process smarter, faster and reliable.

MBWMR is one of the finest innovations for Mobile-based water meter reading data collection. The feature-rich water meter reading software solution is introduced by the reputed web and mobile app development company in India and USA, Astin technology. We have developed this solution using the power of Android platform and integrate user-friendly features that help users to easily fetch the meter reading record just by entering the meter value manually or scanning the reading of meter using camera API.

Based on the Android platform, the MBWMR offers easy to use water meter reading facility, portability, and affordability to store water consumption details of endless consumers. Embedded with ultramodern features this app will help users to store and generate water consuming bills of thousands of consumers seamlessly.

Remarkable Benefits of Mobile-Based Water Meter Reading

  • Meter reading app is easy to use for the staff members.
  • Staff members can connect their Bluetooth printer easily with mobile devices for billing in a real time.
  • You can also track your staff members through the GPRS co-ordinates.
  • It automates the process of bill generation.
  • Staff can generate a report in the format of excel or PDF. It is truly efficient in order to audit the consumers’ historical or current details of billing.
  • The data would be synced from the mobile to the central server.
  • This app provides offline local data storage when there is no internet connection. When the internet connectivity is resumed the data will be synced automatically to the server.
  • Accurate meter reading values are taken by using camera API and calculations made accordingly. This app produces on spot bill using BTS API.
  • In this App, AMR technology is being used.

Astin Offers Top Rated

Mobile Based Water Meter Reading App

Astin Technology Warehouse Management System

Being a market pioneer in IT outsourcing company in India, USA, we deliver world-class mobile based water meter reading app development solutions to our esteemed clients. Proficient in delivering easy to use mobile app development services, our professionals first take care of your personalized business needs and accordingly deliver the utmost quality solutions at affordable costs. We provide our services with complete flexibility and ensure the highly customized IT solutions with 100% client satisfaction.

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