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9y9GST-Match Application


9y9GST-Match Application

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9y9GST-Match Application

Invoice matching is very important because under the GST law, the input tax credit (ITC) of goods purchased or services taken will be available only when you have B2B invoice/bill from your supplier. All your inward invoices are shown in your GSTR-2A downloaded from the GST portal which were uploaded by your supplier in his GSTR-1. Now you have to match your inward supply invoices’ details with your GSTR-2A downloaded from the GST portal.

When the supplier files form GSTR-1, the recipient can identify the purchase with the help of auto populated form GSTR-2A. when necessary modifications are done, the recipient’s electronic credit ledger will be credited with the input credit on a provisional basis.

There are number of reasons for mismatch of information in your data and data from GST portal, with the help of 9y9GST-Match Application you can match your data with your GSTR-2A data and identify the mismatch reason and rectify your invoices, if required, or you can ask your supplier to modify the invoice details in his GSTR-1, so that you can take the correct input of your inward supplies or goods.

This matching exercise should be done on monthly/quarterly basis to get eligible input credit of GST paid by you and after end of the financial year you have to match again for the purpose of filing Annual Returns GSTR-9/GSTR-9C.

Astin Technology 9y9GST Match

9y9GST Match Application


  • MS-Office Based Application
  • Data Import From GSTR-2A Excel files
  • Import Purchase-B2B Data From Template
  • Identify Wrong GSTIN In Purchase-B2B Data
  • GSTIN Wise Total
  • GSTIN Match
  • Invoice Number Match
  • GST Rate Match
  • Taxable Amount Match
  • Missing Invoice List
  • RCM Match

Reports Generated

Following Reports are generated with this Application (It does not have its own Data source therefore generate Reports for each Taxpayer)

  • "GSTINwise Total" of all GSTIN in YOUR data and GSTR-2A Data
  • "Missging GSTIN" in Both Data and "Matched" & "Mismatched" GSTIN in Both Data.
  • "Missing invoices" in YOUR Data and GSTR-2A Data
  • "Invoice Number Mismatch" and "Taxable Value Mismatch"
  • "Invoices Not Matched"
  • "GSTINwise invoices" of YOUR Data
  • "GSTINwise invoices" of GSTR-2A Data
  • "Counter Party Return Status Not Submitted" invoices
  • "Backup of all Data" in this Application including above Repots in a single Backup File
Astin Technology 9y9GST Match

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