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About SAP Commerce

We created many projects in this industry and having a huge number of clients.

Over the past few years Astin Techno and its team of experienced engineers has implemented SAP for multiple companies including individuals to meet their specific business requirement. With a comprehensive approach to their specific needs, we have been able to execute every project efficiently and in a timely manner.

During our journey, several modifications have been carried out to the standard SAP implementation procedures, in a quick response time, to achieve more realistic results. Our familiarity with the evolution of SAP implementation environment gives us an edge over our competitors in delivering the required functionality.

The phases of SAP implementation here include:

  • Project preparation – Get clarity of the project and define its goals. Evaluate business processes and streamline the implementation.
  • Business blueprint - Detailed documentation of project schedule, requirement, customization, etc.
  • Realization – Implementing business process requirement based on the blue print including integration and customization.
  • Final Preparation - Rectify errors in data collection and plan out corrective actions for end users. Here, it becomes imperative for end users to undergo a training session and complete it successfully.
  • GO-LIVE and Support – To move from pre-production to live production and evaluate bugs that have been raised including on-site troubleshooting.

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