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Unparalleled Expertise

Optimizing Maximo often involves integrating to ERP applications and other key business solutions. Astin Technology possesses unparalleled expertise at integrating Maximo to ERP solutions such as JDE, Oracle, SAP and PeopleSoft as well as to other third party systems. Our seasoned consultants have worked extensively with the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) and the Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA).

These industry experts understand your business, know Maximo inside and out, and have years of experience integrating Maximo to JDE, SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft. Leverage our comprehensive Maximo integration knowledge, and let our tenured team help you with your next project. From integration development to configuration to deployment, we will be with you every step of the way.

Integration between Maximo and other software allows data from one application to be transferred to the other application seamlessly without manual intervention.

Maximo – SunSystems Integration
allow automatic posting of accounting journals such as Invoice/Payment Material/Service Receipt (Accrual), Expense, and Commitment transaction.
Maximo – Process Control Systems
allow automatic importing of asset’s meter reading data which can be used for generating of Preventive Maintenance based on run-hours or condition monitoring.
Maximo – Other Inventory Management software
allow accurate inventory balance status between two different software

Inbuilt data mapping flexibility at record and field level means it can be easily tailored to fit any configuration and set-up that you may have within your SunSystems,SAP or other Finance system installation.

In addition to that, Maximo can integration with the elements below:

  • Financial System (Sun Accounting, SAP, Oracle, …)
  • Control System SCADA
  • GIS System
  • Inventory Cataloging Software (Data Cleansing)
  • RCM, RBI System
  • Business Intelligence System

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