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IBM Maximo Training

Customized Training Solutions

Training options tailored to your process

Our scalable, customized training options for Maximo can be tailored to your specific business processes, and will eliminate any barriers to effectively using the technology. Our qualified trainers are consultants. This is key because their real-world problem solving experience allows them to view and explain the application in a manner that makes sense to the end users. Our trainers will deliver comprehensive product training that helps build user confidence and support for the newly implemented system.

The key to facilitating change is a well-developed Maximo training plan.

The training curriculum can include standard application functionality training, or can be customized to include specific business practices, data and real-world examples. You determine the type of EAM training that works for your team, and we will deliver. From custom to standard, on-site to remote we have the resources to deliver quality results.

Astin Technology IBM Maximo Training
Public Classroom Training

Public courses are offered in one of our dedicated MMSI training centers and provide trainees with a highly focused, personalized learning environment. Participants learn in small classroom settings with professionals from various industries, offering unlimited opportunities to share ideas and approaches to problem-solving. Our open enrollment courseware includes both application and technical classes for end users and advanced users.

Private, On-Site Classes

MMSI can deliver its standard, curriculum-based courseware in a private setting at one of your facilities. This option is ideal when you have a number of individuals who require training as you save on both travel costs and per-person course fees (a daily trainer fee is charged and is independent of the number of trainees). Private training also ensures that class time is devoted to the discussions, activities, and hands-on exercises that relate to your business requirements.

Virtual Training

Our Virtual, instructor-led training (VILT) programs deliver the learning benefits of traditional instructor-led training to the desktop. They also provide a cost-effective training alternative by eliminating the high cost of travel. VILT is most effective for a geographically dispersed student population and it offers the convenience of attending a Maximo course from any location with internet access. VILT is delivered via GoToMeeting® and covers the same topics that are included in our other training delivery vehicles. Classes include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on virtual labs, all taught by our highly-qualified and experienced instructors.

Customized Training Programs

MMSI offers tailored training sessions for individuals or groups that are intended to address your company's distinct requirements. These programs can be held at MMSI's training centers or on-site at your location. Often times, these are one-on-one sessions where the trainer and trainee are sitting side-by-side at a computer screen, walking through the topics of interest to the trainee. Tailoring and customization may include incorporating your processes and procedures in courseware or training aids or even tailoring screen examples and exercises with your company-specific data.

Course Offering Duration Noida Quotation
Maximo New Features 1/2 Day NA Send Quote
Maximo Foundations 4 Days Please Call Send Quote
Managing Work 3 Days Please Call Send Quote
Inventory Management 2 Days Please Call Send Quote
Procurement 2 Days Please Call Send Quote
System Administration 3 Days Please Call Send Quote
Customizing Maximo 2 Days Please Call Send Quote
Writing Reports with BIRT 3 Days Please Call Send Quote
Workflow Design and Development 3 Days Please Call Send Quote
Automation Scripting 2 Days Please Call Send Quote
Integration Framework 2 Days Please Call Send Quote
Maximo Implementation 5 Days Please Call Send Quote

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