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Warehouse Management Solution

Astin Technology has vast years of experience in the field of web, mobility, and software development services. We offer feature-rich warehouse management software that allows a superb tracking system of the flow of inventory units, current inventory consumption records, and sales, and purchase orders. Our developed inventory management solution allows the management of every business transactions related with inventory. We have developed this product with three main modules namely.

Astin TechnologyWarehiuse Management

Admin Management Module: Admin is the super user of this software with significant rights

  • Add, delete, and modify all categories and list of products
  • View and analyze the status of products in inventory
  • View both sales figures and warehouse status
  • Add, delete and modify warehouse manager roles, sales manager roles etc.
  • Generate daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales and warehouse/ inventory reports
  • View historical data of the sales and warehouse products

Warehouse Management Module: This module will be used by the warehouse manager with wonderful rights such as

  • Add products in the inventory records
  • View the status of all categories products
  • Perform ordering of products if the status is less than ROL (Reorder level)
  • Monitor the status of all the working employees at the inventory store
  • Assign unique rights to the warehouse employees as per the job file
  • Generate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually inventory reports
  • View and share daily business transaction details to the admin user

Sales Management Module: Used by the sales manager in order to analyze sales structure with additional features like

  • View the total products out from inventory and their sales status
  • Analyze how many items and products were sold
  • Generate daily, weekly, monthly and annually sales reports
  • Share daily sales transaction details to the admin user
  • Visualize historical sales data to make a conclusion regarding sales figures
  • Add, modify and delete the sales executive details
  • Generate invoices and billing for sales
  • View the total amount received on a day to day basis regarding sales

We Provide

Matchless Warehouse Management Software

Astin Technology Warehouse Management System

Our dedicated team has the utmost experience in software development services that help us in integrating unmatched features in the warehouse management software. Being a market pioneer in IT outsourcing services in India and the USA, we provide real-time assistance to perfectly fit this solution in your business model.

So, if you are looking for a world-class warehouse software solution, then connect with us and get out of the box services for your business.

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