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Mobile Based Electricity
Meter Reading

Mobile Based Electric Meter Reading (MBEMR) is a complete IT solution for collecting voluminous data of electric meter users instantly.

MEBRS is the latest innovation for Mobile-based Electricity Meter Reading data collection. The comprehensive data collection suite is developed by Astin technology, offers data logging and two-sided communications capabilities using mobile devices. Powered by Android platform, the MEBRS offers easy to use Electricity meter reading facility, portability, and affordability to gather complex electricity consumption and tamper-free data (Geo Data, Meter Images etc) from mobile-based endpoints. Equipped with the latest technologies this futuristic solution can be extended or customized for water and gas meter reading as well.

Unique Features of Mobile-Based Electricity Meter Reading

  • In Mobile machine, user can search the details of the specific consumer using the K.No. , Meter ID, account number and customer name, through which machine get the consumer previous details for billing.
  • Meter reader checks the meter status and set the current meter status in Mobile.
  • Mobile validates the meter status and reading dates, and as per the set criteria, it will automatically calculate the average consumption from the customer master.
  • Mobile provides the alert messages with the wrong data and unconditional data.
  • Mobile calculates the bill on applicable charges, surcharges, and rebates on the customer's category.
  • Mobile collects the payments if the consumer opts for payment.
  • Mobile device works in both the mode offline/online as per the direction of an operator.
  • Provide the reports on mobile, where operator easily maintain the data.

Astin Offers Top Rated

Mobile Based Electricity Meter Reading App

Astin Technology Warehouse Management System

Being a market player in IT outsourcing services in India, USA, we provide robust mobile based electricity meter reading app development solutions to our valued clients. The top rated IT solution at affordable costs is our business objective.

We never compromise with quality and ensure the highly customized IT solutions to make the business/service operation of our clients smoother and faster. If you are looking for cutting-edge IT outsourcing services then connect with us and get quick and fully functional solution even in the stipulated timeline.

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