Our Extensive Approach in IBM Business Analytics Services

Astin technology helps enterprises transform the business process by embedding information-based insights. This will deliver deep big data and analytics capabilities that scale and address a wide range of business needs. Being a market leader in implementing IBM Business Analytics Services, we offer IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and BIRT Reporting services.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a specially designed to address the challenges of enterprise-scale reporting, analysis, score carding, and event notification. The IBM Cognos BI architecture is specially designed for scalability, availability, and openness. It uses platform independent, industry proven technology, such as Extensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Web Services Definition Language (WSDL).
We integrate IBM Cognos BI structure with your existing technology infrastructure on multiple platforms. The IBM Cognos BI architecture can be efficiently utilized to create a diverse range of reports, including lists, crosstab reports, charts, master and detail reports, and user-designed reports.

Our expertise in IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

BIRT Reporting services

It is open source software offers reporting and business intelligence services for web applications, especially those based on Java platform. Using this software, we integrate a rich variety of reports to your web applications in the form of lists, charts, Crosstabs, Letters & Documents and Compound Reports.

Why Hire Us for IBM Business Analytics Services

We at Astin technology offer new generation business analytics solution. We have top rated professionals for the implementation of IBM business analytics services.
From initial implementation to real-time maintenance and support, we provide futuristic and innovative business solution. If you are looking for the same, then connect with our professionals and enjoy the best services at affordable costs.


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