Astin’s Customer Engagement Models

Project type Project Cost  Best One
Fixed Cost Fixed (Bifurcated Based on Milestones) When the requirement is fixed.
Team's competencies are known and identified.
Hourly Based Man-hours Based on Expertise and Technical Proficiency When the requirement is not fixed and can be modified in future as per the need. 
Profit Sharing Model Share the fixed business profits as committed Fixed the profit share benefits in advance. 
Flexible Model Flexible on the basis of requirements and resource allocation Wish to setup up low-cost offshore development centre without the responsibility of managing it.

Astin’s Proficiency in Customer Engagement Model

Every business model is different and accordingly clients hire the IT professionals. We at Astin technology provide a range of customer engagement model that help our esteemed clients to hire the services accordingly. We have dedicated specialists for diverse IT platforms and they render sophisticated services even in the stipulated time frame.


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