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Mobile Based Electricity meter Reading

Billing Tool MEBRS is the latest Mobile-driven-Electricity Meter Reading data collection for Astin advanced data collection suite, offering data logging and two-communications capabilities in a mobile solution. Powered by Android mobility, the MEBRS offers unparalleled Electricity meter reading performance, portability and affordability to gather consumption and tamper free data (Geo Data, Meter Images etc) from mobile-based endpoints for electricity, which can be extended/customized for any type of meter may be (gas, water etc)

Features + Benefits

  • User Can Download The Consumer's Information And Tariff Information, Date And Time From The Server To The SBM Machine. So That User Can Get Consumer’s Details On Entering The Particular KNO.
  • In Mobile machine user can search the details of the particular Consumer with the Kno, Meter ID, account number and Customer Name, through which machine get the consumer previous details for billing.
  • Meter reader check the meter status and set the current meter status in Mobile.
  • Mobile validate the meter status and reading dates and according with business criteria it will automatically take the average consumption from the customer master.
  • Mobile provide the alert messages with the wrong data and unconditional data.
  • Mobile calculate the bill on applicable charges, surcharges and rebates on the customer's category.
  • Mobile provide the adjustments, sundry and outstanding from the calculated amount and generates the total bill.
  • Mobile collects the payments if the consumer opts for payment.
  • Mobile Capture the meter image with current reading and send to online server .
  • Track the device on scheduled time to time & maintain the mobile device movement history .
  • Only one user/Operator have the capability to generate the bills for more the one electricity company.
  • Mobile device working in both the mode offline/online as direction of operator.
  • Provide the reports on mobile ,where operator easily maintain the data.
  • Maintain online payment updating system.

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