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AURA (ASTIN UNIVERSAL REQUEST APPROVER) is a simple add-on products designed specifically for MAXIMO/SCCD, which provisions to create tickets ,route workflows and approve Tickets (SR, Incidents, and Problems), offerings, Change, Assets, Work Orders, Purchase Orders etc., in different MAXIMO flavors according to the workflow design. AURA is enlisted in IBM Global Solutions Directory as quick reference of AURA.

PM/TL or Process owner can see their bin’s/assigned tickets in AURA and rout their workflow through AURA. Apart from this they can get notification for SLA breach or going to breech in configured time intervals.
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AURA Solution is available as
  • Mobile Applications
  • SMS based solution

It works with all the smart phones available in the market.

AURA works as Add-On software that expedite the approval process in all the flavors of MAXIMO i.e. SCCD, EAM, TSRM, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Utility, Real Estate etc. MAXIMO Users receive all the instruction (Actions) required to complete the MAXIMO workflow assignments on their phone via SMS or in Mobile App. Users can respond to that SMS or respond via Mobile App to route the workflow to the next level.

Faster Approval Process and Information Flow

  • Automatic Approval Process on single SMS without opening MAXIMO UI
  • Single Reply SMS to complete assignment

Anywhere, Anytime
  • Works everywhere and automates approval process anytime, supports two-way communication
  • It functions for all existing applications in MAXIMO available in different flavors in real time as well as queue processing.

AURA @Maximo Mobile Application Feature

  • Create New Tickets
  • Ticket detail and Status Check
  • Inbox/Assignments Approval
  • Workflow Routing/Approval
  • Service Offering Catalog approval/Routing
  • Team bin tickets routing/approval
  • Change, Work Orders Workflow Approvals Processing
  • Workflows Routing for any application in Maximo
  • SLA Breech Notification
  • Severity Tickets Detail, Notification and Status Change
  • Workflow Approval/Routing In Bulk
  • Ticket Feedback on Resolve Status

AURA@SMS based Feature

  • Create New Tickets
  • Inbox/Assignments Approval
  • Workflow routing/Approvals For Any Application In Maximo
  • Service catalog offering approval/routing
  • Team bin tickets routing/approval
  • Change, Work Orders workflow Approvals Processing
  • Ticket Feedback on Resolve Status

Advantages of the solution
  • Inbox Assignments Approval for Maximo/SCCD
  • Bulk approval process support for all Maximo/SCCD Inbox Assignments
  • Accessible from anywhere,anytime
  • To expedite, quicker turnaround time, location-independent, secure, economical and simple automated process implementation
  • To improve profitability, efficiency and productivity
  • To expedite information conveying to end-user
  • Largely used for information-based services
  • The fastest, easiest and the most cost effective way to keep informed at the same time

How AURA Approver Works with Maximo

  • Automatically detect active inbox assignments against the users.
  • Automatically detect associated workflows.
  • Sends SMS for each active assignment with unique code against each workflows actions
  • User can complete the workflow assignments by opting either of the two ways through Mobile App or SMS
    • Reply on SMS received with unique code against each action to complete assignments.
    • AURA supported for Android, iOS, Blackberry,Windows and Symbian phone to interact with Maximo/SCCD

Maximo Inbox/Assignments Approval


Approval Process Approval Process
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