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Astin Products

A wide range of services, one standard for quality…

Every business has distinct needs. Whatever the need, we can provide software services to help you run your business with greater efficiency. That is because we are a reliable technology partner, with a full spectrum of offshore software development and outsourcing services. For all our services, there is only one standard that we follow at Rishabh Software when it comes to quality: Excellence.

The services we offer could be classified under 3 broad categories which are:

Software Services

We offer quality offshore outsourcing and software development services on .NET, J2EE and Open Source platforms across multiple verticals. We have also ventured into mobile application development on the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms.

Click on any of the various topics below to learn more about the type of software services you’re looking for:

IBM Business Partner
ISO Certified
Microsoft Partner
W3C Html